Tuesday, June 04, 2013


In October, 2012, Sham Palace released:

Indonesia Pop Nostalgia (SHAM003 LP)

An eclectic collection of inspired 1970s & 1980s Indonesian pop, folk, rock and children’s songs, culled from cassettes and vinyl. 

Indonesia Pop Nostalgia spans several contemporary popular genres – each inherently unique and born from very different cultural and geographical origins within the archipelago. All, however, are also vitally informed by the confluence of Islamic, Arabic and South Asian popular and traditional musics, alongside various western musical fads – a distinctly Indonesian blend that encompasses its histories of physical colonizations, spiritual assimilations and economic and cultural exchanges. 

With synth-heavy, funked-out rock grooves, space-age organ instrumentals, folky mood-rock, and stunning hybrid traditional/pop masterpieces, this collection features a surprising union of nostalgic musical ephemera from the islands of Java and Sumatra – connected here to serve as one of many possible entry points into the gloriously diverse sounds of Indonesian folk-pop music.

Limited stock of LPs - still available through Forced Exposure and fine record stores.

Listen HERE for samples.

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