Tuesday, October 01, 2013

New Sham Palace LP out in October...

Sham Palace and Annihaya Records are pleased to present – 
the debut international LP release from Argentina’s legendary 
"Sonido Chipadelico" (SHAM004-LP // END 09-CD)

A unique triumph of homegrown rural psychedelia, 
standing alone on the edge of an unchartered vanguard. 
Los Siquicos LitoraleƱos are the contemporary group 
you keep hoping exist, but can never find. 
Featuring some of the greatest moments 
in the group’s dense and damaged repertoire –
 mind-melting tropical psych-rock, swirling solar instrumentals, 
pitched down cumbias soaked in dub brine, 
and surrealist, shamanic lyrics laid across guitars, drums, 
tapes and electronics. Rich with strange passion, 
beauty, horror, experimentation, and humor.

This is probably one of the most genuine things that 
has happenedto contemporary music in many years.

44 surprising minutes of deep, multi-fidelity
electric and acoustic psychic sound-forms
for a better today.

SHAM PALACE Limited Pressing 7"
 out in late-October/Early Nov, 2013 
"Damp Circuits: The Golden Era of Synthesizers in East Asia
Volume One • Oscar Young Band" (SHAM005)
Researched & compiled by B. Ganush

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

I REMEMBER SYRIA 2013 Reissue. All proceeds to Syrian charity.

“I Remember Syria” – an album Mark Gergis put together for Sublime Frequencies in 2003/2004 – has been reissued for 2013 as a special Sublime Frequencies digital edition in conjunction with Forced Exposure – featuring an expanded downloadable booklet with photos and text. Available through iTunes and Boomkat.

The most important thing about this reissue is that all proceeds from the sale of this release will be donated to the Syrian Red Crescent - a charity that assists Syrians in need. And they are in need - so please purchase a copy or two, and tell people.

Syria doesn’t sound like it did on “I Remember Syria” anymore, and it doesn’t look like the photographs in the expanded booklet. As you may already know, Syria is suffering in the midst of unthinkable turmoil, attack and destruction. As a wide-scale humanitarian disaster continues to unfold, Syrians both within the country and in refugee camps beyond its borders are in need of immediate assistance.

“I Remember Syria” was assembled as a love letter to the country I grew to know as one of most civilized places on Earth. It contains recordings made and collected during my first travels to Syria between 1997 and 2000. Across the span of 14 years, I would travel there as frequently as possible. When initially released on Sublime Frequencies as a double-CD in 2004, the aim was to showcase and humanize a land and its people that had been politically and culturally exiled by the west for decades. Hopefully, these recordings can serve again as a testament to the beauty and unity of Syria, and the grace, hospitality and integrity of its people.

– Mark Gergis – March, 2013

“I Remember Syria” (SF009DI)

Sublime Frequencies is proud to present this digital reissue of I Remember Syria: an assemblage of field recordings, interviews, radio broadcasts and music, from one of the least-known quarters of the Arab world. Before the west associated Syria with its current crisis, it had politically and culturally isolated the country for decades – leaving little known of its contemporary peoples, or its rich heritage of art, music and culture.

Originally released as a 2-CD set in 2004, this one of a kind audio document was recorded and surgically assembled by Mark Gergis from recordings he made in Syria between 1997 and 2000. The results offer a multi-faceted glimpse into the country, as it was at the cusp of the 21st century.

Disc one features sounds from the ancient capital city of Damascus – including vivid street soundscapes, interviews, spontaneous live music, sounds captured inside the world-renowned Ummayad Mosque, and fragments of radio and television broadcasts, as well as exploring the mystery of a legendary underground city called “Kazib”.

Disc two takes us out to “Greater Syria”, capturing live musicians, political opinions of the day, radio excerpts and sketches, songs from cassette releases found around the country, and other audio anomalies. The closing track showcases the haunting sounds of wood against wood produced by the Norias – the giant irrigation waterwheels that have churned in the Orontes River, in the city of Hama, for centuries.

All proceeds from the sale of this release will be donated to the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (IFRC) to support urgent humanitarian aid work during the ongoing crisis in Syria.

Purchase from iTunes and Boomkat

Audio samples HERE

Learn more about this release HERE


In October, 2012, Sham Palace released:

Indonesia Pop Nostalgia (SHAM003 LP)

An eclectic collection of inspired 1970s & 1980s Indonesian pop, folk, rock and children’s songs, culled from cassettes and vinyl. 

Indonesia Pop Nostalgia spans several contemporary popular genres – each inherently unique and born from very different cultural and geographical origins within the archipelago. All, however, are also vitally informed by the confluence of Islamic, Arabic and South Asian popular and traditional musics, alongside various western musical fads – a distinctly Indonesian blend that encompasses its histories of physical colonizations, spiritual assimilations and economic and cultural exchanges. 

With synth-heavy, funked-out rock grooves, space-age organ instrumentals, folky mood-rock, and stunning hybrid traditional/pop masterpieces, this collection features a surprising union of nostalgic musical ephemera from the islands of Java and Sumatra – connected here to serve as one of many possible entry points into the gloriously diverse sounds of Indonesian folk-pop music.

Limited stock of LPs - still available through Forced Exposure and fine record stores.

Listen HERE for samples.