Thursday, September 28, 2006

Porest Myspace account DELETED

That's right. To my surprise I received an email, without previous warning, from Myspace informing me that
the 4 month old Porest Myspace site had been deleted....ERASED for "violations". I had received threats to "report me to myspace" by Zionist nationalists here in the United States after they discovered I had openly criticized Israel. They attacked me in my blog. I defended myself properly and their weak revenge was to report me to myspace who immediately erased the Porest account without warning. Well, needless to say, this hasn't really changed my mind about Israel or given me a refreshing perspective on its supporters. Nor has it made me want to end my criticism, but I hope it helps open some doors to those who may not have thought about it before...that the criticism of Israel in this country is not allowed. There is machinery in place that is both systematic and diabolical that ensures that you do not criticize Israel, even if you have a tiny mouth. What does this mean to music fans or musicians that could care less? Maybe nothing.............Don't forget that there is always in case I'm shut down again. I have re-established the myspace site with the same address (, which of course can always be deleted again.