Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Audio Works by Raed Yassin in Beirut

I am honored to be hosting the wartime audio works of Raed Yassin on the Porest site as they come in.
Go to to listen.


The clip below features Raed, Mazen Kerbaj and Charbel Haber and was shot in January of 2006 in Beirut....

Friday, July 21, 2006


So the CANCER known as Israel is showing it's disease to the world again (for those who didn't already know).
Porest leaves you with links to a few Lebanese friends I was fortunate to meet in Beirut this past January.
Here's wishing Mazen, Raed and the rest the best and hoping that Lebanon can push the Israeli fucks back
until backs are broken. Everything is not alright....
Also check:
and the incredible Raed Yassin's blog:
All Lebanese. Viva Lebanon, Palestine and everyone else under fascist Israel's doomed thumb
(which probably includes you, dear reader...wherever you are).

By the way-THIS just in from ** Israel's Minister of Foreign Affairs has contacted pro-Israel Internet users, worldwide, with a new software tool designed to allow supporters to put a positive spin on Israel's image. The software program, "Megaphone," sends online activists daily updates, as well as instant links to Internet polls and articles that criticize Israel. Megaphone will allow supporters of Israel to respond immediately to real or perceived slights directed towards the country by web users across the world. **** all you "Megaphone" folks......Spin THIS! FUCK YOU ISRAEL!