Saturday, March 31, 2007

POREST LIVE on Sunday April 1 (2-4 PM) radio

a mobile live performance/DJ radio series net-broadcast directly from the tapped/cracked synapses of the criminally obscure
check broadcast times/dates regularly as new dates are added/times are shifty/spontaneity is king

POREST•••••Sunday April 1 (2-4 PM)
*****ALL TIMES ARE Pacific Daylight Time*****
blending a mix of live performance, field recordings/travel documents/hobologues, and acquired musiques from around the world broadcast from within the West Oakland BART line and pointing towards you as THE FOOL. mark gergis is one of the leading buccaneers of the Sublime Frequencies crew, a member of Neung Phak, Mono Pause, and many other aural-theatrical projects requiring special lenses. this set is bound to be a trip down memory lane to which you have no map, with roadsigns giving th

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Ben said...

Hey Mark,

Love that show to bits, really fun to listen to. I'd kill to know some of those tunes. Are there any other web places where I can hear some of your dj sets?